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Annabelle is a Brujah of the 13th generation. Barely a few months ago, Annabelle was a normal, happy young woman majoring in Political Science at Griffith College in Los Angeles. She was active in a number of student organizations and political groups, fighting for citizens rights against government and corporate corruption. Now she’s a vampire, plunged suddenly into a terrifying new existence with monsters she does not know and cannot trust.

Annabelle is played by Erika Ishii on L.A. By Night.



Season One

Season Two

Season Three



Annabelle and Ellenore are in a long-term polyamorous relationship. Before Annabelle's embrace they were living together. Ellenore was also involved in the student activist group and was present during the arson when Annabelle was killed. Ellenore was the only mortal Annabelle stayed in contact with during Seasons One and Two. Annabelle and Ellenore communicate by adding songs to a shared Spotify playlist.

Character Information

  • Predator Type: Consensualist
    • Specialty in Medicine (Phlebotomy) or Persuasion (Vessels)
    • One dot of Fortitude
    • Dark Secret Flaw: (•) Masquerade Breacher
    • Feeding Flaw: (•) Prey Exclusion (non-consenting)
  • Specialties:
  • Clan Bane: Subtract dice equal to Bane Severity of the Brujah from any roll to resist fury frenzy. This cannot take the pool below one die.
  • Advantages and Flaws


  • Celerity (•)
    • Level 1: Cat's Grace
  • Fortitude (•)
    • Level 1: Unswayable Mind
  • Potence (•••)
    • Level 1: Soaring Leap
    • Level 2: Prowess
    • Level 3: Spark of Rage
  • Presence (•••)
    • Level 1: Awe[1], Daunt
    • Level 3: Entrancement


  • Red leather jacket with Ward Against Spirits[2] and Ward Against Kindred[3] cast on it

External Links


  1. See "Mortal Stakes" (1x01).
  2. See "Duel" (2x05).
  3. See "Hollywood Ending" (3x07).
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