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Suzanne enters a Memoriam to visit a vital night from her past.

Plot Synopsis

Suzanne believes she's heard of leylines before, in Versailles, a long time ago. She enters a Memoriam to try and retrieve the information.

She finds herself on July 14th, 1789 in the Versailles castle, in the company of a young Vannevar Thomas, fresh from the revolted Virginia, the Prince of Paris, François Villon and Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarre, spouse to Louis XVI, and ghoul to the Prince.

They are joined by Karsh and Lucita, two other Kindred.

Suzanne's memories are imperfect, and the faces of the people she now knows are given to the figures of her past. The Prince of Paris takes the face of one Jasper Heartwood, Marie-Antoinette could be Annabelle's twin, Karsh and Lucita look exactly like Victor Temple and Nelli G.

Revolution strikes and the group flees the struggle. Finding their way underground, they encounter Zelios, a Nosferatu architect working on a strange maze-like place where angles seem wrong. He expresses the wish to come discover powerful places in the New World too.

Zelios finds them a place to spend the day near Notre-Dame de Paris and Suzanne awakens, 3 nights after first starting her Memoriam.


Intro Scene

Camarilla of Los Angeles


  • Vannevar Thomas (past)
  • Suzanne Rochelle (past)


  • Prince François Villon
  • Marie-Antoinette
  • Karsh
  • Lucita
  • Zelios

End Scene

  • Gregory Demetrios
  • Firstlight Boss


Versailles, France

Los Angeles (beginning scene)


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