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The dangerously charismatic Chaz is the sire of Nelli G. He embraced the fashion model in the summer of 2010 after a whirlwind romance, and for a brief time they appeared deliriously happy as only vampires could be. Then he seemingly tired of her, embracing singer Donna Cambridge and forgetting about Nelli. (Nelli murdered Donna and then fled to Los Angeles and the dubious safety of the Anarch Free States.)

Chaz came to Los Angeles with the court of its self-declared Prince, Vannevar Thomas. He was appointed the Herald, designated with delivering the Prince's laws to Kindred in the realm. He’s threatened Nelli with exposing her crime if she doesn’t help him get what he wants--to put the Camarilla on top in Los Angeles.

Chaz is played by Mark Meer.



Season One

Season Two

Character Information

  • Clan Bane: While in less than beautiful surroundings, a Toreador loses dice equivalent to Bane Severity from their dice pools to use Disciplines.


  • Auspex
    • Level 1: Heightened Senses, Sense the Unseen
  • Celerity
    • Level 1: Rapid Reflexes
    • Level 3: Blink
  • Presence
    • Level 1: Awe
    • Level 4: Entrancement



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