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The coterie meets X, a Malkavian who takes Annabelle under his wing as the vampires try to enjoy a night out at Victor's nightclub, where they're interrupted by old enemies and new threats.

Fear No Monsters

I fear no monsters,

for no monsters I see.

Because all this time

the monster has been me.

― Nikita Gill.

Plot Synopsis

The coterie were introduced to a new vampire, X, a Malkavian, sent by Jasper, who couldn't be present and asked X to look after Annabelle.

Victor invited the coterie, including X, to his nightclub Maharaja in Hollywood for a special evening to celebrate the album release for his newest music sensation, Chocolate Drop. When they first arrive at the club, a DJ is playing - Chocolate Drop has not yet begun her performance. Annabelle bumps into Juan from the library. He asks if she is coming to "the secret thing" and says that everyone misses her. She tells him she'll try to come to one of the meetings and tells him not let anyone know that he's in contact with her. She asks after Mark and he tells her that Anna won't believe what he and Maria have planned. X interrupts and takes Annabelle aside. He casts Premonition to detect impending dangers or threats against Annabelle. In his vision, he sees a wolf, mangy, lean and hungry. In its jaws is a crown. The wolf's jaws gnaw at the crown, trying to crush it, but unable to. Victor encounters a journalist, Paul Sutton, who is following the claim Victor made public regarding his vehicle being stolen. Paul indicates that he may have some information. Victor mesmerizes Paul and tells him to bring him all of his notes.

The festivities are interrupted for the coterie when they are called to investigate the basement that is overrun by rats. The rats are controlled by a vampire named Ramona, who wants to know why they were at her factory. Ramona hands over a package containing vampire hunting equipment of an unknown origin left at the abandoned factory. She also explains that the group that was tracking the coterie consisted of a few ghouls and a female vampire who seemed to be a gangrel since when this vampire lost her temper, she resembled a wolf. Victor extends an offer for Ramona to take up residency in the basement. While Victor speaks with Ramona, Nelli sees a figure and goes after it. This is the same apparition as in episode 1, and, similarly, Nelli is unaware that she is following it. X has a vision of Nelli standing near a window in daylight, outside he can see that it is Griffith park before Los Angeles was founded. X tells the group about this vision, but Nelli insists she was turned 10 years ago. As the group returns to the main floor of the club, Victor hangs back to go through the bag and calls an unknown female vampire to discuss the vampire hunting gear, leaving her a message as it is daytime in her timezone. When the group emerges from the basement, they find that they have missed Chocolate Drop’s performance.

As the team is about to rejoin the festivities, Victor's security alerts him that thugs working for Billy Blaine have arrived. Victor tells security to clear out the club. It's actually three people, including one thug of Billy Blaine, and, surprisingly, the Baron, Isaac Abrams and Victor's son, Isaiah. Abrams informs Victor that he is aware that there is a disagreement between Victor and Blaine and that he means to negotiate the issue at a time and place of his choosing. Both the thug and Isaiah are representatives of Mr. Blaine.

Ramona talks to Annabelle about the history of McNeal upturning the Camarilla's rule over Los Angeles. She encourages Annabelle to talk about this further with Rodriguez.

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