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The coterie and X confront enemies who have been harassing them, and learn that their threat goes deeper than they imagined. Victor meanwhile grapples with uncomfortable truths, and Annabelle learns that nothing in the night is what it really seems.

Happy Families

"All happy families are alike;

each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

― Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina

Plot Synopsis

The episode begins in the same scene left off in the previous episode. Victor, Nelli, Annabelle and X are at Victor's club and in the middle of a confrontation with Baron Isaac Abrams who claims to be mediating on behalf of Bobby Blaine. Isaac is joined by Blaine's accomplices, a thug and Isaiah, Victor's son. A scuffle ensues. Additional thugs join the fight.

Isaiah, Annabelle and X attempt to run out of the club to escape the fighting, but are stopped by a nosferatu. X activates Premonition, focusing on the nosferatu. He has a vision of being in a cold dark cavern with a fire up ahead. He walks towards the fire and notices that it gives off no heat. He is able to take some of the flame in his hand. In the flame, he sees Jasper.

Meanwhile, A strange woman (Carla) with a crow on her shoulder shows up and Victor approaches her. Her nails and teeth grow longer. She appears to be the lady from the hijacked van and the factory. Victor shoots her, which causes an explosion of fire on the vampire. She reels around and runs after Nelli, who had run off to attack the nosferatu.

Between the attacks from Annabelle and Nelli, the nosferatu is beaten into submission. He admits to working for Bobby Blaine. Isaiah shoots him and then Nelli casts daunt to cause him to flee.

Meanwhile, X runs to the kitchen and drinks down a large amount of frying oil. He spews it out onto the female vampire, who becomes engulfed in flames.

At the end of the fight, Victor asks one of the remaining human thugs who he works for, to which he replies Bobby Blaine. Victor speaks with Isaiah who tells him that a deal between Victor and Blaine went south some time ago and Blaine blames him for it. Further, Victor stole something from Blaine that he tasked his goons to retrieve - a bag. Isaiah tells them that he alone noticed that Blaine is working with who he presumed are the feds. Isaiah tells him that Blaine is headquartered in a hotel in the valley called The Hartford. Victor erases Isaiah’s memory of the night.

Victor and Nelli search the club and find the nosferatu, named Nick. He agrees that Bobby Blaine is working with some government agents who know about vampires and have advanced weapons. He agrees to lead them to Blaine, but insisting that he do so in person rather than tell them of Blaine’s exact location. Victor requests that Nick work for him to keep him informed of Blaine's activities, to which he agrees.

Victor speaks with the baron, who discussed that the primary reason for his presence there tonight was due to the fact that he owed a favor to another kindred, but the favor was traded and acquired by Bobby Blaine. Victor threatens the baron over his dealings with Blaine, and therefore the feds, and the baron gives Victor domain over The Valley.

During the confrontation there was a bird that appeared to be watching and listening. Victor asked Ramona if this was her, but she denied. Ramona is going to look into where the Hartford Hotel is.

Victor texts his unknown associate to discuss vital information and says that “they know”.

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