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The coterie begins its takeover of the Valley and must decide if a new vampire is an enemy or an ally.

Immortal Longings

"Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have

Immortal longings in me."

―Antony and Cleopatra (V.ii)

Plot Synopsis

Episode 6 starts two nights after where episode 5 ends and the coterie hasn't seen or heard from Jasper since.

The episode starts with the coterie, minus Jasper, in a meeting with Fiona, emissary and attaché to Baron Isaac Abrams of Hollywood, who will be educating Victor on his new barony as well as to serve in general. She discusses that the Valley has few kindred and is thus rather inactive and uneventful. Victor shares that he received an unusual invitation from Miranda, a representative of The Ministry, colloquially known as The Followers of Set, or Setites. The followers of Set claim to be descended from Egyptians.

The group goes to meet Miranda at her headquarters, the most upscale cabaret in Los Angeles, Chat Noir. At the club, Nelli catches sight of Brad, a mortal, with another female vampire, named Susan. In a private conversation, Victor asks Fiona why she advised the coterie to avoid the Glendale Cartel, who apparently have reached out to Victor to make a connection. She merely states that she doesn't trust them and also wants to know how involved the Ministry is with Glendale. Victor states that while he understands Glendale may be interested in using him, he is also interested in using them and thinks that they may be underestimating him and assuming that he is young and naive.

After these private conversations, Miranda gets down to business with the coterie. She discusses that The Ministry wishes to ally itself with Baron Victor. She is concerned with the Camarilla gaining control of The Valley and is interested in helping the Anarchs remain in dominion. As an act of good faith, she presents Nick, chained up. Nick reveals that the Senator's building (a campaign office) that Annabelle burned down really belonged to him, and that the money being funneled to the college's administrative board was coming from kindred for power, food, property. In an attempt to have them spare his life, Nick tries to bargain with the coterie by revealing where Jasper has disappeared to. Instead, Nelli extracts the information by force using mesmerize. Nick reveals that Jasper is in the Labyrinth, an underground area accessed via a door within the boiler room of an old slaughterhouse. In a rush of emotion, Annabelle attacks Nick, almost killing him. Nelli finishes him off.

Fiona notices a woman with a tailored suit and short dark hair that she saw earlier at the bar is now nearby in the Indulgence room, looking for someone. Fiona asks who that is, saying that the patron has been watching them. Miranda doesn't recognize her. Victor, however, recognizes her as fitting a description he was given and reveals that she is from the Inquisition. He further notices that she is making eye contact with a man sitting close to Brad at the next table. The man has fine blond hair and wire rimmed glasses and seems to be carrying a concealed weapon. The coterie decide to lead the two away. Victor and Nelli approach the blond haired man. He tells Victor to return the property he stole and he may live through the night. After a scuffel, the coterie manage to compel the couple downstairs.

Downstairs, Nelli uses persuasion on the man and they learn that the man's name is Special Agent Tim Wilson of the FBI, Special Affairs Division. The woman's name is Louisa Jankowski. The hunters had been working with the Blaine gang to stalk and kill vampires in L.A. Fiona asks if they know about the monsters in the park. Tim says he doesn't know much but that they are not vampires. They decide to present Louisa to Baron Abrams as a gift, but first Victor takes her work ID card and driver's license. The building then begins to burn and fall down, the coterie run out. Fiona promises vengeance to Miranda.

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