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After a fight at Griffith Observatory the coterie is on the run, but must also protect The Masquerade and clean up their mess. What is neophyte vampire Annabelle to do with her world crashing down around her?

Instruments of Darkness

Oftentimes, to win us to our harm,

The instruments of darkness tell us truths;

Win us with honest trifles, to betray us

In deepest consequence.

-William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Plot Synopsis

Annabelle goes to Chris' apartment (the lacross team player that she was going to feed on the night the coterie found her) to assess whether he remembers anything form the night before. Rick, Chris' brother is there instead and informs her that Chris died in a hit and run incident. Alarmed by this, Anna calls her girlfriend, Elle, (who knows she's a vampire) to tell her to move out and Mark (who doesn't know she's a vampire, but knows somethings going on) to let him know she can't see him tonight.

The coterie convenes at the auto parts garage where Victor extracts the GPS records for the van they took from their attackers in episode 1. The previous nights' GPS records show that the van left a factory in an industrial district of the Valley prior to trailing them for the rest of the night. The coterie heads to the factory. Both the outside and inside of the factory is covered in rats that seem to be somewhat tame and intelligent. Inside, the factory is dilapidated and empty other than the rats. Victor attempts to intimidate a rat with red eyes that is watching them, telling it to talk or run. This encounter is interrupted when the party senses that a car has pulled up outside the factory. It is Nelli’s sire, Charles Price (Chaz), who is an elder Toreador with the Camarilla and with whom Nelli has a strained relationship. Chaz indicates that he is aware of the incidents that took place at the observatory, indicating that the Camarilla are tracking their movements. Chaz and the coterie agree to meet at The Highland club in the Hollywood and Highland Mall to talk further. Nelli rides with Chaz, who reminds her that he has leverage over her in that her coterie is unaware of her involvement in the death of another vampire, Donna. Later it is alluded to that Donna was the victim of a jealous rage by Nelli when Chaz turned his attention away from Nelli for Donna.

As discussed in episode 1, the Anarchs are in control of Los Angeles and the Camarilla are seeking to challenge their hold. Chaz is reaching out as a representative of the Ivory Tower (local Camarilla) requesting that they create a partnership, ensuring that the Ivory Tower will have some level of oversight and control of the coterie's domain (Griffin college and East Hollywood). Victor requests to discuss the arrangement further with Prince Vanabar Thomas and further requests that the Camarilla aid him in providing insights into recent events as a sign of good faith. Chaz agrees to both. At the conclusion of these discussions, two men interrupt and demand an audience with Victor. Victor exits the room and the men go for their guns saying, "Bobby sends his regards". Victor takes off and escapes the pursuing men.

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