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The enigmatic Jasper declines to offer much detail about his life before the Embrace, saying only that he came from “back East” a few years ago. A master of stealth and ambush, tonight he earns his place in the city by helping his coterie protect its turf--and by providing muscle and information to any vampire who will meet his price.

Jasper is played by Alexander Ward on L.A. By Night.



Jasper was born in New York and lived some of his mortal life there. At some point he went to college and studied architecture. Jasper was in a relationship with Chloe Hudson. He was living in Los Angeles when an unknown Nosferatu broke into his apartment, Embraced him, and left. Jasper woke up alone with no idea what had happened. He stopped contacting mortals and ran when he felt the hunger. Jasper found his way to the Labyrinth and got lost in it for an unknown amount of time. He found another Nosferatu wandering in the Labyrinth, attacked him, and left the body. Jasper thought at first he had killed the vampire and only to later find the Nosferatu still in the Labyrinth and slowly healing.[1]

In the meantime, Jasper's missing persons case was closed by the LAPD. There was a funeral for him, despite the church reporting to the police that there was no body in the coffin.[2] Eventually Jasper met other Kindred and began working for Baron Abrams of Hollywood. He followed and kept tabs on Chloe, but never made contact with her. Even after learning how feeding on other Kindred was generally perceived, Jasper continued to do it.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three


Character Information

  • Predator Type: Blood Leech
    • Specialty in Stealth (Kindred)
    • Dark Secret (••) or Shunned (••) Flaw
    • Feeding Flaw (••): Prey Exclusion (Mortals)
  • Specialties: Architecture
  • Clan Bane: All Nosferatu count as having the Repulsive Flaw (-2) and can never increase their rating in the Looks Merit. Any attempt to disguise themselves as non-deformed (including Mask of a Thousand Faces and Imposter's Guise) incurs a penalty equal to Bane Severity.
  • Advantages and Flaws
    • Linguistics (at least 1 dot): Latin
    • Loresheet Descendent of Zelios (at least 1 dot): Sanctuary[3]


  • Blood Sorcery (•••)
    • Level 1: Corrosive Vitae[4]
    • Level 3: Scorpion's Touch
  • Celerity (•)
    • Level 1: Rapid Reflexes
  • Obfuscate (••)
    • Level 1: Cloak of Shadows[5]
    • Level 2: Unseen Passage[6]
  • Potence (••)
    • Level 1: Soaring Leap[7]
    • Level 2: Prowess


  • Ceremonial Knife


  • Eva taught Jasper Corrosive Vitae. It is unknown what he gave her in return.[8]


  • Jasper and Kyoko were Embraced in the same year.[9]


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