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Jeanette is a Malkavian from Santa Monica. She is the sister of Baron Therese Voerman. Victor has described her as a legend. Jeanette will be running a franchise of Therese's club Asylum in Hollywood when it opens.

Jeanette is portrayed by Whitney Moore.



Season Two

"Watch the Night" (2xe2)
The Valkyries set up a meeting on a deserted beach between Annabelle and Jeanette. Jeanette advised Annabelle that her sister was the greatest threat to the Anarch Movement fight against the Camarilla. She told Annabelle that Therese could not be trusted and would likely double cross the movement.


Therese Voerman

Jeanette and Therese have a deep distrust and loathing of each other.

Character Information

  • Predator Type: Unknown
  • Clan Bane: All Malkavians are cursed with at least one type of mental derangement. When the Malkavian suffers a Bestial Failure or a Compulsion, they suffer a penalty equal to Bane Severity to one category (Physical, Social, or Mental) for the entire scene in addition to penalties from the Compulsion.


  • Unknown


Jeanette/Therese Voerman is an Advantage loresheet a player character can purchase.

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