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Fashion model Nelli Griffith had it all--looks, influence, and a promising career--until she vanished under mysterious circumstances in San Francisco. The fashion world presumed her dead and mourned its loss, and hasn’t ever realized that Nelli did not die: she is undead. Tonight Nelli is a player in the hidden political world of the Anarch baronies that vie for turf and power across Los Angeles.

Nelli G is played by Cynthia Marie on L.A. By Night.



Season One

Season Two

Season Three


Character Information

  • Predator Type: Siren
    • Specialty in Persuasion (Seduction) or Subterfuge (Seduction)
    • Looks Merit: (••) Beautiful
    • Enemy Flaw: (•) Spurned lover or jealous partner
  • Specialties:
  • Clan Bane: While in surroundings that are not beautiful, a Toreador loses dice equivalent to their Bane Severity from their pools to use Disciplines.
  • Advantages and Flaws
    • Loresheet: Descendant of Helena: (••••)


  • Auspex (••)
    • Level 1: Heightened Senses, Sense the Unseen
  • Blood Sorcery (•)
    • Level 1: Corrosive Vitae
  • Celerity (•••)
    • Level 1: Rapid Reflexes[1]
    • Level 3: Blink
  • Presence (•••)
    • Level 1: Awe
    • Level 2: Lingering Kiss
    • Level 3: Entrancement


  • Level 1- Clinging of the Insect, Craft Bloodstone



  • "Sweetheart, as a grown-ass woman, you need to cry us a river, build a bridge, and get over it now."[4] (to Annabelle)
  • "I'm so sorry I ever fucking loved you." (Nelli's last words to Chaz Price before beheading him)


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