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Armando "Nines" Rodriguez is the Baron of downtown/East Los Angeles. Nines is portrayed by Luis Carazo.



There is not much information about Nines Rodriguez's life prior to his embrace. In his first appearance in the video game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Nines states that he learned the way of the world in the Great Depression, that he came to California to escape the Dust Bowl and both vastly shaped his world view. Nines was born in 1922 and was embraced in 1949, at 27 years old. He likely came to California sometime between 1930-1940. He most likely came from Oklahoma or Arkansas, as these where the states that most of the Dust Bowl refugees who migrated to California came from. Many of these Dust Bowl refugees came to California looking to be hired as farm workers but faced squaller living conditions and discrimination from California natives.4

Nines' embrace took place in 1949, when he was 27 years old, some time after the the Anarch Revolt of 1944 began. In LA by Night "The Warning" (2x06), he states that only Isaac Abrams was there with Jeremey MacNeil from the beginning. This would also explain why many consider him a war hero if he was fighting and accomplishing great feats in battle as a fledgling/neonate.

While he may not have been there with Jeremey MacNeil at the very beginning of the revolt, Nines does seem to have know MacNeil on a very personal level. Nines has stated that he was hurt by MacNeil's seemingly giving up on the Anarch Free States and vanishing without a word. Regardless of MacNeil's reason for leaving, Nines has made it clear he resents him for disappearing and leaving the Anarch Movement in chaos. It was mentioned in Bloodlines by the infamous Smiling Jack that Nines was left sireless, though it is unclear whether Jack meant that Nines had been abandoned by his sire or if his sire had meet their final death. MacNeil could very well be the sire of Nines, as Nines is of 9th generation and MacNeil is of 8th. Conversely, Nines sire may have been someone else who ether died or abandoned Nines and MacNeil stepped in to act as his mentor/adoptive sire.

Nines is a remarkable public speaker and often gives inspiring speeches and pep talks which he is somewhat embarrassed about and swears he is also a good listener. He is usually friendly, good natured and overall a rather humble person who seems to have a slight problem accepting peoples complements. Unlike many kindred he is seemingly honest and trusting of people who have earned his trust, despite hints that he has had multiple people close to him betray this trust in the past. An example of this is when Nines tells Victor that when they are talking it feels like talking with a brother sitting next to him, something he doesn’t feel all that often but then ads “I’ve had that before. I’ve had it before. And then they all seem to just leave.”

Nines and his coterie's headquarters is a bar in downtown LA called The Last Round (founded sometime in the 1970s or 1980s) though the layout described in LA by Night is somewhat different to the bar's depiction in Bloodlines, with the LA by Night's version being larger to accommodate additional features including a small office on the second floor and pool tables.

While he has stated in Bloodlines that he prefers to use guns in a fight he is very skilled in hand to hand combat and has helped train multiple people including Annabelle and Mark Temple. His is seen as the top Brujah in LA, a legendary fighter and war hero whose feats include killing a werewolf. The werwolf incident took place in October 2004 when the previous prince of LA, Sebastian LaCroix, attempted to kill him and the protagonist of Bloodlines by setting fire to Griffith park, which at the time was considered werewolf country and was only accessible by a gondola. Nines was attacked by an enraged werewolf, who may have assumed Nines started the fire as a kindred attack on the park's Lupine population, as he was attempting to reach the gondola station near the observatory to escape the fire. In October 2004, Nines seems to be proud of the fact that he killed the werewolf. Both Damsel and Skelter complain of him telling the story over and over again and he is seen to have decapitated the werewolf and taken it's head with him to the Lucky Star hotel ( in Hollywood) where he was hold up and recovering after the fight (both events are only seen in Bloodlines if the PC chooses to side with the Anarchs at the end). Despite this initial pride, Nines appears to have developed reservations about this incident. Nines doesn't seem to regret killing the werewolf but rather that at the time he did not even consider if there was any other options besides killing it. In the epilogue 4x09 he tells Victor that he only managed to kill the werewolf because it was young,"a pup", and if he could go back in time he would have tried to talk to the werewolf, like Victor had with Strikes a Cord, but if it ultimately came down to having to kill the werewolf in order for him to survive he'd do it again without regret.

Prior to becoming the Baron of downtown Nines was considered the unofficial Baron of downtown in MacNeil's absence by many members of the Anarch Movement, despite his firm rejection of this position. Nines somewhat reluctantly became the official Baron of downtown LA sometime after the events of October 2004. In 2x06, Nines explained that he only took the postion of Baron because someone had to step up and speak up to protect the kindred in his coterie, which he views as his family. He gets very frustrated during the four Baron's first meeting in "The Warning" (2x06) and at one point visibly struggles to maintain his cool. This was a result of first Victor Temple (who was slightly fanboying) asking why Nines doesn't just go end Vannevar Thomas and the Camarilla by himself and than Isaac Abrams trying to pressure him to become the next leader of the revolution which is something Isaac apparently had tried to push Nines to do previously. He also rejects Issacs claim that all the Anarchs in LA would gladly fight for the Free States if he just says the word. This is possibly because he knows how people idolize him for his reputation and he doesn’t want people fighting because they are blindly fallowing him instead of fighting for something that they passionately believe in. He firmly states that he has no desire to lead an army or have a herd of followers; and that he’s only took the position as Baron of Downtown because he could use it in combination with his reputation to protect those he cares for. He also indirectly states that he fear if he where to become the leader of the revolution it will change him for the worst and allow his beast to gain control over him. His fear of being corrupted by taking on leadership roles partly stems from his experiences with people in positions of power and leadership during the Great Depression. His views on how power changes people for the worst where only compounded after his embrace as he first fought in the Second Anarch Revolt against the Camarilla's oppression than Jeremy MacNeil suddenly abandoned the Anarch Free States while other Barons such as Tara Keanrney and Salvador Garcia later defected from the Anarch Movement to the Camarilla and New Promised Mandarinate (Kuei Jin).

Nines style of being Baron is probably closer to how Victor runs the Valley compared to how Issac runs Hollywood or Therese runs Santa Monica. He openly disagrees with Therese Voerman's method of Baroning which he views as her callously treating her coterie, including her sister Jennette Voerman, as shock troops and pawns to be sacrificed. The fact that in Who Can You Trust?" (1x08) Therese’s coterie willingly and enthusiastically fallowed Victoria Ash's order to kill all the humans in her club because they had witnessed the public death of the kindred gangster Bobby Blaine while Nines’ coterie refused to participate in these killings and left speaks volumes of their difference styles of leadership. After the meeting in episode 2x06 Nines tells Victor he should let go of his anger over Abrams giving part of the Valley to Fiona, asking if Victor really cares that much about that chunk of land. True to his character, Nines feels what is important is “the people that are on that land” rather than the land itself as boundaries get redrawn all the time. This value of people is also why Nines gets pissed off in the season 4 epilogue when Victor tells him that the Camarilla don’t think Thin Bloods are covered by the treaty and have put a bounty out for killing them. He later goes as far as to introduce himself to Delilah, the leader of the Thin Bloods in the Valley, over the phone when she calls Victor during their meeting and explicitly tells her that they have his support and help. Similarly, after the majority of the Valkyries where killed by Aurora in a surprise retribution attack he was willing to house Kasey and the torpored Sycorax despite the possibility that doing so would put him and his coterie in danger should Aurora suddenly decide she wanted to “finish the job”.

He has a hobby of rebuilding classic motorcycles. He is continuously seen wearing blue shirts, which may just be a reference to his outfit in Bloodlines, but could also indicate that blue is his favorite color.

Season One

"Who Can You Trust?" (1x08)
Nelli G noticed Nines and his coterie at The Succubus Club. She intended to speak to Nines but did not get a chance because her coterie was called on to destroy Bobby Blaine. Nines and his coterie stayed to watch the coterie fight Blaine but left quickly after Victoria Ash ordered the vampires to kill all the humans present.

Season Two

"The Warning" (2x06)
Nines met with the other Barons of Los Angeles- Isaac Abrams, Baron of Hollywood; Victor Temple, Baron of The Valley; and Therese Voerman, Baron of Santa Monica. They discussed how to deal with Vannevar Thomas and the Camarilla presence in the city.

"Innocent Monsters" (2x08)

"Embrace the Dark" (2x09)
Nines attended Annabelle's rally where she encouraged the Anarchs of Los Angeles to unite against Camarilla rule.

Season Three

"Captain of My Soul" (3xe4)

Character Information

  • Predator Type: Unknown
  • Clan Bane: Subtract dice equal to Bane Severity of the Brujah from any roll to resist fury frenzy. This cannot take the pool below one die.


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  • Classic restored motorcycle (from "Innocent Monsters" (2x08))
  • 0.50 Cal semi-automatic pistol (possibly a Desert Eagle based on the design in Bloodlines: where its a fictional McLusky Calibre 0.50)


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