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The coterie hunts for a missing Nelli before they must meet with the Baron of Santa Monica to discuss politics, power, and the future of L.A.


"Teardrop on the fire

Fearless on my breath"

Massive Attack, Teardrop

Plot Synopsis

Part One

The coterie is informed that Nelli is in danger by Gregory Demetrios and work to rescue her.

Part Two

Baron Therese pays a visit to the club, and Chaz brings news from the Prince.


Greg, alone at a bar, got a call from an unknown party telling him that they have read his reports and know that what he's reporting is real. They tell him he has been given a new assignment with the code name "Firstlight". The line went dead. Greg opened a gift box he had with him from Nelli. Inside is a bottle of blood and instructions to drink it before sunrise.

Featured Characters

Valley Coterie



  • Tony




Core Cast



Season 2 Episode 4 Transcript

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