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The final episode brings the coterie into a showdown with the Blaine gang, even as they face difficult truths about what it really means to be a vampire in L.A.

Who Can You Trust?

Where do you go

How do you know

Who can you trust…?

― Arden and the Wolves, Who Can You Trust?

Plot Synopsis

Continuing the events from the previous episode, Jasper requests that the coterie retire at his place for the day and they will talk at night. Victor refuses and the coterie demand immediate answers. Jasper denies being her sire, reminding them that if he were, should would be a nosferatu. He explains that it is his job to keep her there, under orders from Baron Abrams. He doesn't know why he was given the order except that she needed to be out of the picture for the plans that Abrams has for whatever has been brewing in Los Angeles. Jasper confirms that he drinks from Tara because he doesn't like to hurt people directly himself.

Victor asks why Jasper trapped the other vampire in the tunnels. Jasper says the other nosferatu was there when he discovered the place. When Jasper was turned, he didn't know his sire, didn't have anyone at all to help him. He stumbled into the backdoor of the labyrinth with its furnished rooms and took up residence there. He then wandered through the tunnels for a long time. He ate the first man-like creature he encountered out of desperation. It was the nosferatu that they found. Since he didn't kill the vampire, it has been slowly healing. Victor confirms with Jasper that he has not been diablerizing their own kind (intentionally) nor killing mortals, and relaxes.

Victor compels Tara to talk to them. She tells them that she was baron of San Diego. Victor and Nelli remember the story of the Baron of San Diego who turned on the Anarch movement and declared allegiance to the Camarilla. Tara explains that she didn't believe the Anarchs were strong enough to survive the war with the hunters. Victor calls Baron Abrams to let him know Tara escaped but has been recovered. Jasper adds that her prison cell was destroyed. Abrams informs them that he will be sending some associates to aid in her relocation. Nelli, in disgust, accuses Tara of being weak and that she should be destroyed. Tara takes this as a threat and changes into a wolf, but Abrams' associates show up and quickly subdue her and take her away.

The coterie return to the Griffith Sanctum to spend the day. In the evening when they wake up, Victor gets a call from Fiorenza who tells him "Don't make me regret this!" and he tells the coterie that they will be visiting the Succubus Club, the legendary traveling vampire party that goes from city to city and throws the night of the decade. Victor explains that he was able to determine that Bobby Blaine would be at the Succubus Club tonight and he got invitations for them all. The club is run by Victoria Ash. When the coterie arrive, Victoria Ash takes Victor aside and they discuss Bobby Blaine. Victoria has her own reasons for wanting Blaine out of the picture and she inquires as to what is the connection is between Fiorenza and Blaine. Victor explains that Blaine's collaborating with the humans, feeding information to the inquisition. He shows her the hunter weapon he procured and explained that it came into his possession due to his dealings with Blaine. Victoria gives him the go ahead to attack him in the club, in full sight of the patrons, to make an example out of him. Meanwhile, at the bar, Jasper & Annabelle are joined by Eva, the witch from Griffith Park. Annabelle asks Eva what she had meant about the blood magic when they last spoke (episode 1). Eva recounts that she told Annabelle that blood magic had been used on her. She admits that it was she herself who had used the magic on her. She owed a favor to Carter, and on the night he brought Annabelle across, he asked Eva to protect her. Eva put wards around Annabelle so that she could not be harmed. Eva mentions that she can contact Carter if Annabelle has additional questions. Annabelle requests that she does. Soon, Blaine enters the club, and the coterie approach and attack him in the middle of the dance floor. The coterie subdue him, and just before killing him, Victor announces for all patrons to hear, "For crimes against the Masquerade, for conspiring with the humans and the Inquisition, and for being a disgrace, I hereby sentence you to the final death."

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